A unique blend of
expert Industry

By blending strong key competencies and collaborative teams, BlueRock TMS offers a holistic Consultancy Service that spans your entire logistic network.

Our Expertise

Our wealth of expertise in Logistics, Data Science, and Software Development allows us to support the process of identifying your true needs. BlueRock TMS provides concrete customer results, collaborating with your team at every step of the way .

By blending strong competencies and collaborative teams BlueRock offer a holistic Consultancy Service

Logistics Industry

  • Expertise Founded by industry veterans
  • Deep academic roots and knowledge
  • Pulse on the forefront of Logistics Industry trends

Proven Consultancy Approach

  • Proven efficiencies at a Strategic & Tactical level
  • Expert Resources
  • Critical mindset in partnership with great creativity
  • Focus on a resilient and sustainable future

Data Science Innovation

  • In-house built simulation and optimization algorithms
  • Paving the way to the future with a focus on R&D
  • Iterative approach to using data to define valuable customer goals and solutions

Leading Technology

  • Recognized by Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • Sophisticated, innovative modules for guaranteed operational success
  • Integrated analytics
  • Real Time Visibility

The Process:

Our diverse team of experts is passionate about understanding every detail of your business and providing long lasting and quality solutions. We begin by clearly and thoroughly defining your goals and objectives.

1. Goal Definition

Project goals will be defined collaboratively with the customer.

The output of the phase is a proposal of goals and a template provided to the customer which details data and structure of data we require

2. Data Gathering

BlueRock customers are required to provide quality data relating to:

* Location

* Volumes

* Routing

3. Model Development

Data will be enriched and normalisation throughout the model development process.

BlueRock Data Scientists will guide Workshops to enable a collaborative and iterative approach to further data collection and definition of assumptions, business rules and any strategic decisions which should be applied.

4. Scenario

The Base Case scenario is developed and validated.

Scenario relating to project goals are defined Internal project modelling app is set-up.

5. Conclusion

The conclusion of results will be presented by BlueRock Data Scientists in an interactive workshop.

Comprehensive documentation and summary of results will be shared.

Optional: Internal project modelling app will be demonstrated.