Manage your
end-to-end supply chain
with our 16 module TMS:

Pre Planning

Network Design

Volumes & Capacity

Routing & Scheduling

Flow Profile, Procurement, & Allocation


& Booking

Planning, Assignment & Dispatch

(X)-Dock and Yard Management

First Mile & Last Mile


Classic Events (Status Update)

Real Time Status Position & ETA

Telematics & Anomaly Detection

Order Lifecycle & Predictive Capacity


Freight Audit & Billing

KPI & Dashboard on Service and Costs

Network Performance

Customer Care
& 3rd Party


BlueRock TMS means
Fragmentation Harmonized.

Drive effective corrective action with our state of the art, cloud-based SaaS platform. Centralize your supply chain data with our 16 expertly crafted, user-friendly modules. We provide you the flexibility to Pick & Choose the modules you need, covering all current and future needs as you expand. This intelligent modular architecture enables fast implementation, easy scaling, and the dynamic flexibility you need to optimize complex Supply Chain & Logistic challenges. Smarter all the way.

Customer Service:

Top-tier technology and top-tier service. Our diverse international team is passionate about understanding every detail of your business and providing long lasting and quality solutions. Our wealth of expertise in Logistics, Data Science, and Software Development allows us to support the process of identifying your true needs. BlueRock TMS provides concrete customer results, working with you to create more sustainable transportation networks at every step of the way.