TMS for
Contract Logistics & Shippers

Network wide visibility and optimization

Our TMS software solutions for Contract logistics and shippers enable end-to-end digitalization and reduced fragmentation. Our advanced Control Tower enables granular end-to-end network visibility, supported by harmonized event integration at all stages of the order journey.

Milestone Monitoring




  • Tactical optimization of routing and scheduling, based on advanced blueprint creation and optimization algorithms.
  • Scenario simulation and decision-making tools
  • Advanced Control Tower for network-wide visibility and optimization
  • Monitor order journeys across multiple transport legs (Milestone monitoring)
  • Signals at-risk orders that require corrective action
  • Performance monitoring and reporting for all Carriers
Milestone Monitoring
  • Valuable insights on cost and revenue margins
  • Invoicing and returns process support
  • Operational support for large and complex distribution networks that consist of many hubs, subcontractors and different transport modes
Milestone Monitoring

Customer Care Portal & Returns Management

  • Empower your Customer Service team with complete order lifecycle tracking
  • Enhanced visibility, management and enriched data sharing between Shipper, Customer and Consignee
  • Full status and event history with the ability to add events and notes
  • Seamless navigation to Subcontractor Track & Trace website
  • Intuitive data filtering with focus on exception management
  • Financial management

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