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Powerful Last Mile solutions for seamless distribution management

Streamline your last mile distribution operations with our industry-leading solutions tailored for Last Mile Distributors. Explore how our solutions can optimize your distribution management and propel your business forward.

TMS solutions with operational and analytical functions

Our distribution management system for Last Mile Distributors boasts over two decades of market experience and development.

Our state of the art cloud-hosted solutions move through a constant distribution improvement cycle, supported by a unique combination of operational and analytical functions.

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Real-time visibility

Achieve transparency for all parties within your network, including Customers, Drivers/Carriers, and Consignees. Our cloud based SaaS solution allows for global live information for users on both domestic and international levels. Easily monitor the status of your ETAs at each transfer point and be alerted when shipments are at risk of being late.

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor and track the temperature conditions of shipments that require environmental control at all transfer points. Receive alerts when temperatures are outside of expected ranges, even down to the package level.

Distribution Management

BlueRock TMS provides optimized routing for guaranteed ROI. We support complex distribution processes and any number of 3rd party shippers. Verify the position and status of all of your shipments down to the package level, including one man and two man deliveries.

State of the art hardware & software for streamlined dispatching

Along with software solutions for every step of your Supply Chain, BlueRock TMS also offers optional hardware devices and sensor management. BlueRock TMS is compatible with all hardware on the market thanks to our dedicated mobile applications which are compatible with both iOs and Android.

We support the following Transport Flows:

  • Business to Business, Home Delivery & White Glove Delivery
  • One-man and Two-man transportation
  • Simple and complex operations/planning
  • Single and multi-hub networks with multi-leg routes

BlueRock TMS Consultancy Services

Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our expert Consultancy Services for strategic and tactical insights. Let our experienced team guide you towards optimal efficiency and performance in the last miles of your supply chain.

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