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BlueRock TMS was founded in 2013 by industry veterans with the simple but challenging goal to simplify logistics. Our independent and creative mindset has allowed us the freedom to develop, move, and deliver fast. This unique company spirit in partnership with our insightful critical thinking has grown us into a leading international TMS vendor, most recently recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Our modular TMS platform is securely rooted in academic research, technological expertise, and state of the art modeling innovations.

About Blue Rock

Our cutting edge TMS software is crucial, but it’s our team that makes the difference. Our diverse international team is passionate about understanding every detail of your business and providing long lasting and quality solutions. Collaboration is in our DNA, and our wealth of expertise allows us to support the process of identifying your true needs at every step of the way. The BlueRock TMS team provides concrete customer results, working with you to create more sustainable transportation networks.

About Blue Rock

Smart People
Smart Tech
Smart TMS

Wouter Lammerse Wouter Lammerse

Wouter Lammerse

CEO and Founder

Stefania Finiguerra Stefania Finiguerra

Stefania Finiguerra

VP Customer and Employee Experience

Julia Lauret Julia Lauret

Julia Lauret

VP Product Development

Gert van Oel Gert van Oel

Gert van Oel

VP of Strategic Alliance

Erik van Setten Erik van Setten

Erik van Setten

Managing Director

Mark Stobbe Mark Stobbe

Mark Stobbe


Linda van den Akker Linda van den Akker

Linda van den Akker

Personal Assistant to the CEO

Hein Fleuren Hein Fleuren

Hein Fleuren

Corporate Advisor

Sander Siemons Sander Siemons

Sander Siemons

Technical Director

Eren Cataltepe Eren Cataltepe

Eren Cataltepe

Project Business Analyst

Mohamed Wassif Mohamed Wassif

Mohamed Wassif

Application Manager

Martin Faro Martin Faro

Martin Faro

Operations Research Consultant

Luca Gangini Luca Gangini

Luca Gangini

Operations Research Consultant

Ezgi Özgül Ezgi Özgül

Ezgi Özgül

Technical Key Account Manager

Anneke van Oel Anneke van Oel

Anneke van Oel

Office Manager

Fang Zhang Fang Zhang

Fang Zhang

Product Lead

Michiel Kroeze Michiel Kroeze

Michiel Kroeze

Product Lead

Fadil Mulalic Fadil Mulalic

Fadil Mulalic

Database Administrator

Stefan Polet Stefan Polet

Stefan Polet

Country Manager Italy

Denise Bevilacqua Denise Bevilacqua

Denise Bevilacqua

Product Lead

Davide Zangari Davide Zangari

Davide Zangari

Customer Success Analyst

Kate Atchley Kate Atchley

Kate Atchley

Marketing Coordinator

Nikki van Unen Nikki van Unen

Nikki van Unen

HR Officer

Cees Jooren Cees Jooren

Cees Jooren

Senior MDM Administrator

Jeremy Mulder Jeremy Mulder

Jeremy Mulder

System Administrator

Mauro van Pinxteren Mauro van Pinxteren

Mauro van Pinxteren

Lead Data Science

Luis L. González Luis L. González

Luis L. González

Financial Controller

Charlene van Wyk Charlene van Wyk

Charlene van Wyk

Financial Officer

Jeff Thorne Jeff Thorne

Jeff Thorne

Canadian Director of Business Development

Ruud Simkens Ruud Simkens

Ruud Simkens

Head of Business Consultancy

Oleksii Kramarenko Oleksii Kramarenko

Oleksii Kramarenko

Software Architect

Tobias Tolkmitt Tobias Tolkmitt

Tobias Tolkmitt

General Manager Germany

Riccardo Galli Riccardo Galli

Riccardo Galli

Customer Success Analyst

Inês Gomes Inês Gomes

Inês Gomes

Project Business Analyst

Kees Mink Kees Mink

Kees Mink

Customer Success Analyst

Yaseen Abdel Yaseen Abdel

Yaseen Abdel

Software & Data Engineer

Nancy Duong Nancy Duong

Nancy Duong

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Joep Janssen Joep Janssen

Joep Janssen

Business Analyst

Giampietro Fabrizio Bonaccorsi Giampietro Fabrizio Bonaccorsi

Giampietro Fabrizio Bonaccorsi

Software Developer

Patrick Wisgerhof Patrick Wisgerhof

Patrick Wisgerhof

Software Developer

Bert Willemsen Bert Willemsen

Bert Willemsen

Software Developer

Vincent van Welie Vincent van Welie

Vincent van Welie

Lead Developer

Gerard Peters Gerard Peters

Gerard Peters

Lead Software Developer

Ruben Mennings Ruben Mennings

Ruben Mennings

Lead Mobile Developer

Petra Ittmann Petra Ittmann

Petra Ittmann

Scrum Master

Terry Dieckmann Terry Dieckmann

Terry Dieckmann

Software Developer

Melisa Mois Melisa Mois

Melisa Mois

Software Developer

Paul Swart Paul Swart

Paul Swart

Service Manager

Kaiser Joney Kaiser Joney

Kaiser Joney

Application Specialist

Enes Basarir Enes Basarir

Enes Basarir

Implementation Consultant

Jeffrey Groepche Jeffrey Groepche

Jeffrey Groepche

Senior Product Specialist

Max Hensen Max Hensen

Max Hensen

Junior MDM Administrator

Sadi Abdel Kariem Sadi Abdel Kariem

Sadi Abdel Kariem

Business Development Director MEA

Abbey Kerkmann Abbey Kerkmann

Abbey Kerkmann

Java Software Developer

Milena Đukanović Milena Đukanović

Milena Đukanović

Software developer