Revolutionizing Last Mile Services with a Powerful Integration

BlueRock TMS is proud to announce that VOICT, a veteran expert in Last Mile solutions, is now officially the BlueRock TMS Last Mile Division. This exciting integration ushers in a new era for BlueRock’s Last Mile services, promising to elevate customer satisfaction to new heights.

VOICT was acquired by global TMS innovator BlueRock TMS in November of 2022. Over the last 10 months, the two companies have focused on integrating their teams and portfolios, culminating in this final legal changeover. VOICT contributes 20+ years of last-mile expertise to BlueRock TMS, as well as their state-of-the-art mobile app for drivers and hardware distribution. This acquisition bolster’s BlueRock TMS’ already impressive portfolio and services, while VOICT is able to realize its international growth ambitions thanks to BlueRock TMS’ global footprint.

Along with this legal changeover, Gert van Oel (former CEO of VOICT) will continue his indispensable contributions as VP of Strategic Alliance at BlueRock TMS. He expressed his enthusiasm for this transformation saying, “We’re excited to make this collaboration with BlueRock TMS official, changing our legal name to BlueRock TMS Last Mile Division. With our combined strengths and expertise, we’ll be able to provide unprecedented value for our Last Mile clients.”

Aligned with this sentiment is Wouter Lammerse, CEO of BlueRock TMS: “The legal integration of VOICT into the BlueRock TMS family is a monumental step towards providing a level of service that redefines industry standards.”

The future of last mile logistics has never looked more promising, with BlueRock TMS poised to deliver Last Mile excellence one mile at a time.

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